Storage Used problem

Wow - we have a storage quota problem. A new site with only couple of files is showing 275mb used???

du -h comparison from /home/username

site1 du -h shows 142mb - nodeworx shows 141.5mb
site2 du-h shows 908k - nodeworx shows 275.98mb

only difference is site2 has one email account setup. Site1 has copy of jvm and tomcat5 files.

Strange. any ideas?

NodeWorx uses quota, which is authoritative. If you are seeing more space used by a sites space (or less) than when using ‘du’ then I’d check your group file perms. “du” is by no means an accurate measure of quota usage as it takes no meta-data (uid/gid) into account at all.


btw, you can just do:

repquota -g / | grep <username>

To see where NodeWorx gets its data from.


Hi John,

The problem was that one of the backup files in /tmp got “accidentally” assigned to the site2 username. What I mean by accidentally is that when the backup got copied in to /tmp it had a certain user id (501, in this case). When the site2 user was created, it was given the user id 501, and thus “inherited” that backup file. I’ve changed the permissions on that file, so feel free to delete it whenever you get a chance.


Hello Socheat,

yes ok LOL. Alright thanks all is correct now. I was a bit stumped there.

Ok I cleaned up the site that i used with importor 5000 and thats got the correct quota info too.

Thanks for all your help!

Glad to be of help. :slight_smile: Please keep us updated on how the rest of your cPanel updates go.