Strange CPU use

Hi again! I don’t want to be a PITA, but using your EXCELLENT software makes me have numerous doubts and I think that other people might have them also, so that’s why I ask. The question is when you look at my CPU use it’s basically idle 99% of the time, except for 11AM every day, when it spikes up. No crons are running at that time and I can’t seem to find the cause… Any ideas? TIA!




I would say that crons are running at that time if I had to guess. Check the iworx user’s cron jobs and see when the ‘daily’ cron is scheduled.


Thay must be (i guess), but NONE of our clients have access to cron, I’ve checked personally and aso checked root and iworx and nothing there…:frowning:

What time are the iworx daily crons set to run?

[SIZE=2]Please delete this post, delete me for not seeing in front of my eyes and delete all my relatives for not making me see! :wink: HAHAHAHA!!! Correct! Daily set to run at 10:42AM. Shouldn’t it be set to run at a time with less traffic (like 4AM?). Thanks again and best regards!!! PS: When you come over to Spain let me show you the place and invite you around! :wink: [/SIZE]

No problem Poooh :).

Souldn’t it be set to run at a time with less traffic (like 4AM?).

We setup the dailys to run at “random” times so our update server wouldn’t get bombarded. If folks want to run the crons at 4am they are free to change it.