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One of my customer ask me if my server accepted multimedia files as windows media player, real , …

Is somebody as informations about stream video on a linux server ?
I’m not sure to understand what he wants.

How to setup streaming video on a iworx box ?

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Streaming video (And audio too) can be problematic. It involves seperate server software which can cost you a bundle. Either way, its yet another thing to administer.

The cheap way is to use MPEGs, or anything else that is block encoded. This way the user can play the file as its downloading. They have the feel of streaming (because they are), but the stream is just unregulated.


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Check it:

That just handles audio, but it will get you started. Check this Google link for more search results.

Streaming video/audio is a two part solution, you need both server software, and you need the media to be encoded properly.

The last one causes quite a bit of issues, more than the first ;(

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Well I’ll wait. And I’ll test it on my next server


You can stream many formats over plain old HTTP. Using HTTP has become the default delivery method for many small sites as licenses for Real Server and other streaming servers can be expensive.

On an iworx-cp box you can fairly easily stream wmv/wma/mpg and real formats.

Check out:


h?h? very good !!

It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Chris

Thanks Chris! This is very usefull.