Sub-domains of Pointer Domains


Am I right in thinking that if a domain has pointer domains to it, and you create a sub-domain, the DNS records and associated ‘work’ isn’t done to add the sub-domains for the pointer domains?

Main domain:
Pointer Domains;;

Sub-domain of: & DOES NOT work

Is this a known bug?



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Anyone else experience this?

Not sure if it’s a bug or not but yes that’s how it works in the current incarnation. I’ll open a bug report on this too and maybe the devs can figure something out.

Hello Tim,

Thanks for the comments. It appears that neither the DNS nor the apache config is updated, so it’s probably more of a feature request than a bug at this stage :wink:

Although, with the impending version 3 with multi-domain hosting, I don’t know how this will be achievable.

Anyways… enough of my mumblings!

Cheers :smiley:


Anyways… enough of my mumblings!

Cheers :D[/quote]

Not a problem, we always value feedback and suggestions.