Subdomain crontabs

I need some help. I would like to sale services over subdomains. Each customer choose original subdomain name and my system will generate access to this subdomain folder + install some programs. Problem is that crontab is not different… It is same for all customers delivered from parent main domain.

How to automate and make different crontab for each subdomain? I can not try it over secondary domain because it is available after DNS refresh (1-2 days) and it must be available for customers immediatelly.

How to have separate crontab for each subdomain?

Hi Standus
I would think that would not be an easy task.
what cron jobs were you thinking off to use seperately, and I could be wrong, but cannot you create seperate cron jobs from the cronjob where it acts upon each subdomain seperately.
Many thanks

Is it possible to speedup this request as paied request?

Hi standus

I’m sorry, I am not fully understanding your post.

This is a forum, not a support site in full.

You may want to open a ticket with IW from and they maybe able to advise better

There are IW devs whom may also be able to help you on a paid for service bases.

Thinking a little more though, and assuming your using a domain on your IW server where the NS are pointed at your IW server, then creating subdomain from your domain, should be instant, as the subdomain did not exist previously, so the DNS lookup has to be made and not pulled from cache.

The above would be delayed for dns if the NS were not pointed directly at your IW server.

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The crontab run under your Control panel account, not on any domain or sub-domains.
Maybe you should try to explain a bit more what you are trying to do…

I just want to sell some application over subdomains and each subdomain with standalone installation. The application works with crontab and each subdomain must have separated access to crontab for security reason. Now it is impossible bacause exists one crontab for one domain with many subdomains.

Hi standus
I’m sorry, rereading my earlier post, I meant secondary domains, not subdomain for instant availability, but only if your NS are pointed at your IW server, otherwise you would have to create your secondary a records, but then it should be available.

Also, I had a quick look at subdomain and cron, and in cron, you could set the folders to which contain cron jobs, so perhaps this might help you if you have not already checked this.

Many thanks