[B]Hello Interworx team,

I have (still) a problem :D, I offer free hosting with one subdomain of my main domain, but when I create a principal account, and then i create account with subdomain, the redirection of my principal account (contain and secondary account (contain, in siteworx, they redirect to this page
and not has the laid down test page[/B][B]. I don’t understand :confused:, I would make a false handling. Help me please !

Thank you in advance for your answers

Did you remove the index.html that is in your test account? It may be masking another index file that is there.



When i removed the index.html for replace by my index.html page test, [/B] the problem is always similar and I am redirected in the page which I put in bond Web. Please help me, [B]I will pass for a newbie with all my small problems :o:o, lol ;).

[/B] Thank you in advance for your answers.

I’d open a ticket Gimly so we can check it out.


Ok thank you Chris

I have open ticket

[B]Hello Interworx Team,

afflicted for my impertinence but looked at the ticket that I opened? My ticket has the number PSI-502558.

Thank you in advance for your answer.


Sorry for the delay Gimly, I just responded to your ticket.

I have change what you said to me in the e-mail, maintaining that function correctly.
Thank you very much for your assistance
Socheat. I am content with your support, you really has the listening of your customers :):):slight_smile:

I answered you the ticket by indicating the problem to you which I now have after handling. Still sorry. I’am very bad :(:frowning: