Subdomains do not load.

I have created many subdomains via both nodeworx and siteworx. They worked up until the other day I tried to add one and it doesnt ping at all thus causing lookup to fail. Its not only on my end as others cannot reach them either. The Iworx box is the DNS box as well. I had one working for a VERY short period of time but it no longer works either. The subdomains are vital and most of them have been up 48 hours or more. Could there be a problem with the DNS program and if so what program is it so I can attempt a reinstall. I am thinking that because I also added a top-level domain that doesnt load or ping either and it has been pointing to our nameservers for 48 hours and whois shows the right nameservers.


Hi Raptr,

If you open a support ticket and provide us w/ more details we’ll be happy to look into the problem. I can’t think of a cause of this off hand, so more investigation will be neccessary.