Successful Tomcat Integration

Just a quick note to say that I’ve been able to get Tomcat successfully integrated with my Interworx site… is there any API to write extensions to Nodeworx, for example, if I wanted to write a Tomcat installer and service manager module for Interworx, is this possible?


Cliff Helsel

Would you consider posting a brief howto here inthe forums? I’ve been asked about it a couple times before and it would be nice to have something to point users to.

As for writing modules into Iworx, no we don’t have anything like that, but perhaps someday. That being said only the php files are encrypted so there is no reason you could not write your own interface for that and then write it into your template which is just smarty

Time and further testing permitting… I will put together an install document… in the meantime if anyone needs help with this just let me know.

Cliff Helsel
The Solution Cafe Inc

Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

No news about this install document ?

We also have nstalled tomcat with interworx but we have too much manual task to do to create a new account

And you, how did you configure Tomcat vs virtualhost ?


Cliff, have you got any headers ready, regarding the installation of TOMCAT with the control panel? I’m really, kinda lost in a limb, so i could use some help.