Suddenly Inteworx stopped working

Yesterday my webserver suddenly stopped working. Could not log on to interworx also so had to restart the server. Sites came online again but interworx still gives no response.

I do get the logon-page but after that no CP loads. Instead I get a blanc screen?

Can anyone help finding out wat is going wrong.

BTW: SSH also stopped working on this particuly server-instance.

Gtz Colly-K

Problem is solved. Problem was initiated due to a auto-update of centos 4.5. The package “VZDEV” was overwritten bij “UDEV”

Had to remove some files and then restarted the services. And it was up and running again.

Special thanks to WebXtra.

well glad I could help with a post on an other forum.
You should also do this on the VPS:
[SIZE=-1] chmod 666 /dev/ptmx

Otherwise you will get the error (when importing accounts from an other server):
[/SIZE]"pt_chown: needs to be installed setuid `root’ The system has no more ptys. Ask your system administrator to create more. while executing "spawn ssh $options $user@$host echo "

(special thanks to Socheat ;-))