Suggested Settings for Account Setup?


Is there a list out there of Suggested Settings for Siteworx Account Setup?
ie: Storage space, bandwidth, email aliases, autoresponders, etc…

I have a VPS with Interworx CP and would like to know a typical setup for “sparse”, “moderate” and “heavy” usage. I thought of just looking at web host offerings, but they offer massive amounts of space that most sites will never even brgin to use.
My entire setup includes
20 GB HD
250 Gig Bandwidth
256 MB RAM

So, how do I divvy it up appropriately amongst my web host clients?

Thanks for any advice.

This isn’t really a simple question and there are no hard and fast rules.

Most people take a look at what other people are offering and offer that with the possible exception of disk space and bandwidth. For the other account features it’s very popular to offer “unlimited” but I’d be wary of that with your RAM.

With disk space you need to decide how many clients you want to be able to put on the VPS and possibly factor in for overselling, but that’s really up to you.

Overselling: the practice of selling more space or bandwidth than you have gambling that all of your clients will not use all of their allotted disk space and bandwidth. Some view this as unscrupulous, others view it as a necessity of business in order to remain compedative.

With bandwidth you need to look at the same thing and balance between being compedative and the risk involved if your clients use up more than your allottment. With disk space the hard drive gets full and things stop working, with bandwidth you get a an extra bill from your upstream provider (generally but not always about $1/gb in specified “blocks” of bandwidth – CHECK WITH YOUR HOST!).

Depending on the usage you can get anywhere from about a 25 to maybe 100 clients on that box depending on their usage. I’d tend to suggest the lower number, but it really demends on your clients.

Hope this helps.