suPHP and mod_php? Run as Siteworx user


I have looked on about running as siteworx user. I have a client which has used about 500gb of bandwidth on a script (torrenflux) but it only shows that he has used 800mb! I thought if I enabled that it would sort the bandwidth reading out?

So how do I enable it without messing up all of the users permissions? I tried but it gives an error from suPHP.

anyone have an idea?


The bandwidth recording that interworx records for each siteworx account is for http transfer and FTP transfer only. I’m not familiar with torrenflux, but perhaps that explains it?


That’d be an ex-customer…

If I had a turkey that decided to use my services to run a bittorrent client said turkey would be a dead turkey (ex-customer). Said dead turkey would also be seeing a bill for all used trackable bandwidth & collections / small claims.