Support for the APS Standard

While surfing today on the Net, I saw that there is a new standard for Applications like scripts etc. (like ScriptWorx for InterWorx).

Short description:

APS - Application Packaging Standard is a new application packaging format designed by SWsoft in partnership with 1&1 specifically with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in mind. APS is based on an open specification and gives all industry players an opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to the standard.

By defining an open application packaging standard, APS brings together hosting service providers and application vendors. By implementing APS, hosting service providers gain access to a great variety of APS applications. In turn, application vendors, by implementing APS, get access to a vast sales and marketing channel of APS-enabled hosting providers.
APS introduces “pluggable” approach to distributing SaaS applications. Once packaged in APS format by a vendor, application can be easily “plugged” into infrastructure of any hosting provider that implemented the standard “socket” for APS applications.
The introduction of APS is critical to the advancement of the SaaS model in the web hosting industry.

So, is InterWorx going to support this? It sounds great (hopefully it will be great).

Agreed, WebXtra, that does sound very promising. Timing couldn’t be any better though :-p. We’ll definitely keep an eye on it, and we’ll consider it for a future release.

Thanks for pointing it out!