Support Ticket

I’ve been waiting (impatiently) for 2 days for you guys to take a look at the problems i’m having with my server =/ I put in a ticket but have yet to hear anything - is the 2.0 Release slowing the response time?

Please get back to me - it’s urgent.

Thanks! =)

What’s actually slowing the response time is that we’re all coming back from the 2 day hosting convention that we had a booth at but I know Paul will be home shortly and taking a look at tickets and Chris is still in Chicago but he should have a chance to look around tonight from the hotel. We apologize for the delay and the next 48 hours will be used to catch up from the delays that the convention caused :frowning:

Thanks for the update Greg =)

I never ever post tickets, so that’s why I inquired. I usually just post messages in the forum and someone like Justec saves the day lol

The one time I decided to finally post a ticket - well, i guess it was bad timing.

Thanks again =)