Support WHMCS!


Awesome billing/support system. Features instant account activation; etc. They currently support cPanel/WHM, and PLESK. They said via Support Ticket they would offer it for INTERWORX as well if they got enough people to want it.

I am asking if any of you would like to see this happen- including the iWorx team.


Three or four weeks ago they wrote to us requesting a demo license for just this reason (we provided it) so I’m guessing they are working on it but haven’t heard anything specific since then.

And yes we would LOVE to add them to our software partners list. I’ve been following several “best billing panel” threads on WebhostingTalk lately and WHMCS is a frequent favorite. Integration with InterWorx can only help both products be more successfull :smiley:

yeah, my thoughts exactly. I am honestly in love with WHMCS. The pricing is fabulous, the speed is perfect, it’s just… wow.

Mark <3 WHMCS
Mark <3 iWorx CP
Mark <3 (mf) Host :stuck_out_tongue:

Support WHMCS. <_<
lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, don’t buy direct from them. I found a reseller- offers it for $10 a month. :]