supported distros

What are the supported distros?

InterWorx supports Linux distros in the CentOS and RHEL family. In particular, versions 5 and up. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a problem using those, but I prefer Ubuntu. Any plans of supporting that ever?

Thanks for your reply.

Not at this time, although Ubuntu is certainly gaining popularity in the server

FWIW, most of us run Ubuntu on our personal machines :slight_smile: RHEL/CentOS is still tops in the hosting world, though.

I agree CentOS is the most widely used and it’s much easier and nicer to work with, Ubuntu can get finicky with RAID controllers.

I think deploying this with some JuJu and Charms would be awesome. Does CentOS have something similar?

Looks some folks have gotten Juju to work with CentOS, but from what I can see, it’s not officially supported. However, I know that some customers have used Puppet to automate their InterWorx deployments:

Thanks for letting us know about Puppet! Looks like something I’ve been needing!