Swap file usage is too high

Nodeworx keeps sending me this message:

Swap file usage is too high

See my status file: http://www.bluesforum.nl/status.php

What can I do to fix this?

You can go to System > Server Health in Nodeworx to change the threshold for the warning higher. Although, you might want to look into adding more memory if the swap file usage is high.

The server chrashed an hour after I opened this topic.

I have checked the databases and I have repaired one table with MyIsamchk.

After the repair the CPU and Swap memory both look better.

Is it possible that a chrased table causes swap memory troubles?

It’s more likely the other way around, that the server actually ran out of swap, and that’s what caused the crash. It may be that merely rebooting “fixed” the swap issue. Hard crashes can often corrupt MyISAM tables, as can running out of disk space.

Thanks for your answer!

What would be a possible cause for running out of swap?