Symbolic Links & FTP

I added a 2nd hard drive to my server and I want to create a symbolic link directory under one of my accounts to point to the 2nd hard drive.

I did as root:
ln -s /otherdrive/folder

and created a symlink in the following location:

It created the link with the following perms:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root account

When I log into the FTP I do not see this folder.

The perms for public_html link (which does show fine on FTP) are:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root iworx

So I’m not sure if I just need to make the group iworx, but chown and chgrp are not working on changing the link perms.

Maybe its a chroot problem and the public_html works b/c its within the same directory path and not on a different partion on a different hard drive?
But wouldn’t I at least see the folder there and just not be able to get to the linked folder?

I tried using the following instead of link, but still didn’t work

mount --bind /otherdrive/folder /home/account/directory_link

Ok, the mount trick works, but you have to give the “true” path.

mount --bind /otherdrive/folder /chroot/home/account/directory_link

Secondary question now that I got that working.

Since this folder is mounted to another partition then any data stored in this linked (mounted) folder should not count towards the SiteWorx quota correct?

Like if i had a 500 MB limit for the siteworx account but /otherdrive was a 50 GB partition then that 50 GB would not count towards the 500 MB correct?

check iworx.ini

run cat /home/interworx/iworx.ini | grep partition=

If you get


Then yes it counts

if you get

partition="/home" or

Then no it doesn’t count