Synchronization support


Hey Interworx, do have any plan to make some util/plugin which will sychronize /home to 2.server as online backup.
Who would like to have synchronization cross more servers used as identical backup?
When one server will fail, then second one will take work.

I have experience that no solution works well, but when my servers will in different datacenters and DNS setting will be for redundancy, then is big chance that everything will work.

I know than rsync can do same work, but when it will be supported by IW natively, it will be better for all.

Hi standus

I think this has been asked over the years but you may want to open it as an idea request on interworx ideas page, where it gets voted on by users

I know Iw had high availability clustering, but not for geographical separated locations, and I am not sure if HA is available as yet. I believe it is not from another post

Rsync can be installed by yourself but I think the issue maybe over permissions/owners been retained or secondary server been aware of the owners

I know R1soft can be restored to a different server, but you manually have to change the owners/perms once restored on a different server, as it does not retain these when restoring to any other server other then the correct server it was made from.

Do you mind me asking how you thought of achieving this home sync, and I gusss other folders/MySQL (Iw)

Many thanks