System Graph (Bandwidth) stopped

At about 1:45 pm est my system graphs (bandwidth) for my server stopped showing any traffic at all, even though a quick random test shows all sites to be up and running.

Anyone else having such problem?

Is the iworx.pex --fively cron running? You can check by looking in /var/log/cron and in /home/interworx/var/log/iworx.log. If it’s not running, that would be one possible explanation as to why the graphs are not getting updated.


Is there really no way to tell if is running throgh Nodeworx? And how about a way to restart it if is not running throgh Nodeworx?

Its a cron job so I dont think there is anyway to restart it. You could maybe restart the cron service, but you’d have to command line that anyway. A reboot may fix the problem.

Today all graphs stopped working at 1:45 pm est.

Now I do not want to restart my server every freaking day.

Please open up a support ticket and we’ll be happy to figure out what is going on. Thanks.

When it happened to me I believe it was a bad YUM call. So a reboot fixed the problem and YUM was happy the next day, so I guess you have other problems? Hopefully it gets resolved quickly.

Same thing today, all graphs stopped at 1:45pm.

Submitting a support ticket

Great- we’ll take a look at the ticket as soon as it comes in, and hopefully we’ll be able to resolve the problem :slight_smile:


I am running out of patience here.

After Sagonet fixed the problem with the system graphs stopped at 1:45pm est EVERY day, the Interworx license showed as invalid, see first post in this thread.

Now the !#@$!@# fixed that and now the system graphs stopped at 1:45pm est again today!?!


Definately sounds like a cron issue - the license thing has happened to us on a certain server on occasion too. If you get that license expired screen at nodeworx login - it should give you a shell command to just manually execute the job that needs to run; could also be what’s needed to start your graphs again.

It’s a quick-fix if this is the case, but would probably work - as to why it keeps happening, that would still be a question for the iworx guys. :slight_smile:

This was dealt with via a support ticket. For the record, the problem was a duplex mismatch on the server’s network setup, not an InterWorx problem. It was fixed by running the command:

/sbin/mii-tool -Rr

How did this problem manifest itself with graphs ceasing to update at 1:45 every day?

The network misconfig caused anything being downloaded to the server over a few megabytes to stall indefinitely. The InterWorx daily cron job checks for OS updates once per day. During this update process, the fively cron (that runs every 5 minutes and updates the system graphs) is told to delay until OS updating is complete, to prevent any collisions with the update process. The update process was hanging while trying to check for updates since it had to download data - therefore the graphs weren’t getting updated because the update checker was hanging because of the network configuration problem.