system restart ;)

system restart button :wink:

Hey I second that. Having the equivalent of a “reboot” button in NodeWorx would be one more nice thing to have in the control panel.

One time form example I was on the road, and when I checked on a site of mine, it was down. The computer did not have an SSH program, so instead of searching for one, and installing it, I could have gone to NodeWorx via a browser, yes I remember my server IP address and port, and used such a feature “Reboot”/“Restart” button.

Good suggestion UnSleep!

I’m not convinced this is a good idea but if we get overwhelming requests for this we’ll consider adding it.


I also vote for this one! :wink:

cpanel have it with forceful and graceful options lastday sagonet was doing changes and i wont to restart the system but i couldnt be able to log into ssh because the access was intermitent. With that button i would was able to do it

Are you insinuating this is a bad idea? If then why?

Are you insinuating this is a bad idea?


If then why?

I’m not convinced it’s a good addition to the CP. As I said, if we get overwhelming demand we will consider it.

One thing I’ve noticed with Iworx is that Chris and the others try to balance user requested features and security. I can only assume this is the issue here. Chris priobably remember a discussiion he and I had about a year ago about adding a File Manager to NodeWorx, which he wasn’t convinced was a good idea. I’m still not convinced that it was a bad idea either, but I understand their concerns (basucally it had to do with the possibility that the filemanager could mangle a key file and hose the system IIRC).

On a Lunx box only root can reboot a system – for good reason – and the while NodeWorx does execute many functions as root, they have carefully decided which ones they are. Do you really want to give anyone with the NodeWorx password the ability to reboot the system? I’m not convinced that’s the best idea either.

Just because cPanel/WHM has it doesn’t mean it is a good reason for NodeWorx to have it. If you really liked cPanel, I suspect you wouldn’t be using InterWorx :wink:

Can I offer an alternate suggestion that could address both secirity and let you do what you want to do: Add a web based ssh client to NodeWorx. The user would still need to log in as roor or an alternate user manually to execute dangerous commands like this.

Vurtuozzo (vps software for those who don’t know) has this and it works prety slick. Does anybody know of an open source web based ssh client?

… you can always reboot your server with the cron in interworx, if you really don’t have ssh access anymore.

good joke.

i pay for a good panel not to think about how can i do the things. The panel must to do the things without errors.

20$ a month for nothing?
a panel that dont do the things correctly?
a panel that dont fix himself?
a panel that cannot do something on his own seleted tools?
a panel that dont fix a bug like the domains without ext in a lot of months?
people paying 20$ a month?
Users will must to think about that.
All panels are very expensive.

Now i’m using Plesk. :wink:

Good luck with the bussines panel’s usury

Thats too bad, I feel thats a big step down, but to each his/her own :rolleyes: