Temperature Settings


My system started to show some warning messages in a test:

localhost kernel: CPU#0: Temperature above threshold
CPU0: Running in modulated clock mode

I talked about it with the DC support, and they told me that the server is ok and that I need “to adjust threshold temperature settings within Interworx”.

Is it possible?


That really depends on what the CPU temp triggering this alert is, what the CPU’s safe operating temprature range is, and what you altert threshold is set to.

“to adjust threshold temperature settings within Interworx, Is it possible?”.

Never seen this option in Interworx, maybe it is an NOCWorx option but in this case it is to your DC to do this, but I bet it isn’t possible to adjust threshold temperature settings within Interworx.

Any official word about this ?

Good luck


Someone at the DC must be mistaken. There are no CPU temperature threshold settings in InterWorx.


Thank you all.

I was 99.99% sure about that.

But the support guy keep telling this to me, so I was looking for a official statement. Now I can show him this thread.