Text only menus

Yesterday I posted a question about the location of the GIF images, menu buttons and “useless” slow eye-candy, in InterWorx/SiteWorx.

I found them, copied the original, and used an image compresion program to squeeze them down to 1/4 it’s original size, and every thing loads much faster now.

However, compared to text only portions of InterWorx/SiteWorx, it is still sloooooowww - Yawn.

I have previously talked about a preference button/text link, in InterWorx, that can include how to initially sort sites, by which column, and how many sites.

So here is my request, finally you all say :slight_smile:

Such a preference screen, could also include whether to use graphic buttons/eye-candy or plain old FAST HTML text. You see I use SiteWorx for 30 sites each day, to check stats and bandwidth, and such a feature could allow me the time to take up another hobby/sport :slight_smile:

Am I the only one in the Universe who could appreciate such a feature, or are there others out there just as weaird as me?

Please respond…my fellow InterWorx users.


Out of curiosity, what program did you use to compress the images?


Image Optimizer from Xat.com.

Great tool, can do compression, resizing, enhancements, color corrections, water marking and more all in batches!

Just out of curioisity, why is the panel so slow for you? I’ve never had issues and I only have a 56-that’s not really 56k connection and the only time I’ve ever had to wait any length of time for it to laod once the images are initally casched by the browser.

True, I am using a top of the line P4 PC with a gig of ram and the same for a web server runnung Interworx. But even on my old computer (a NINE year old Pentium 75MHZ) and my first (Celleron) Interworx box it was only slightly more delay.

I’m just wondering.