The update system is currently running

My update has had the following for a couple days. In the upper right Message area it says " The update system is currently running ".

	 Name:  	 Version:  	 Type:  	 Status:

1 libpng 2:1.2.2-20.2.legacy os pending

2 libpng-devel 2:1.2.2-20.2.legacy os pending

3 perl-HTML-Parser 3.45-1.iworx os pending

4 zip 2.3- os pending

I’m going to try rebooting later and see if that fixes it, but just wanted to let you guys know.

This might be a case of the RPM database being locked up, which a reboot almost always fixes. If it doesn’t let us know.

Rebooted and clicked install on the NodeWorx Update’s page and everything looks good now.