This Site Has Been Disabled

Since yesterday the website i’m maintaining for one of my customers shows this message when browsing to it.
Accessing files through FTP server is not possible. What can I do to resolve this please ?
Domain is : cotese . be

How can I contact support services within Interworx ?

What’s the quickest way to escalate this to Interworx Service support ?

Hi sverhoev

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Are you a license holder of interworx or are you a user of interworx

If you do not own your own interworx license, you will need to contact your hosting provider for help

If you own your own interworx license, you need to contact your license provider you purchased interworx from

I am thinking given your description, you are an end user from a hosting provider

I hope that helps

Many thanks


That’s the probleem. The instance that set up, and sold the website is no longer reacting to our support calls. Is no one able to tell me if there’s a technical problem or any other issue ?
Is tere any way to escalate this problem to a higher level ?

Hi sverhoev

Who is your provider

It is a simple step to enable to siteworx account by the admin, so what reason is the site disabled

You maybe able to escalate to a parent company of one exists

Do you have access to your domain nameservers or DNS

I myself, do not believe there will be any technical issues which should be causing the disable page to be displayed

Many thanks


Hi John,

What do you mean with provider : internet provider or the company that created/sold the website ?

What do you mean with “to enable to siteworx account by the admin, so what reason is the site disabled” ? I can’t get in touch with a higher support level. I have the full support and confidence of the CEO of the company from who this domain is. We’re anxious to get the website up and running again.

We do have access to the MX records.

I think it’s an administrative problem, but in that case we should have the opportunity to get the website back on line, isn’t it ?

Hi Servhoev
Many thanks
Provider - Who is the hosting provider you use (IW or myself may know the company and be able to highlight your issue with them)
To enable an siteworx account is very easy, so I was asking for the reason for the site been disabled, if you know (payment not made, abuse of Terms and COnditions etc…) but please understand I am not saying you know why or have abused any systems.
I was asking if you have access to nameservers or DNS, not the MX records
Yes, you are correct, your hosting provider should be contactable, and give you opportunity to bring the website back online, and to resolve the issue with you, but without knowing any reasons for the actions taken by the hosting provider, I cannot comment, as some abuse would result in a total suspension of service/domain, however, my feeling is this type of abuse has not happened, as it is showing disabled web page
Please understand, Interworx cannot intervene because interworx is not your hosting provider, as I am not sorry.
If you are still not able to communicate with your hosting provider, your next step would be to contact combell, who are shown as your NS providers, who maybe able to help you.
I do understand it is frustrating, but please understand, it is not interworx which is causing you to be disabled, and interworx cannot enable you, as interworx is a control panel used by many of the hosting providers.
If you have access to nameservers, you could purchase from a new hosting provider and bring your website live asap, whilst your issue is been resolved by your current hosting provider
I hope that helps a little, and good luck