Trained Spam/Ham Counts

On 2 IWorx boxes, I get the problem you can see below. Its not really a big deal, but you’ll see the lack of counts for trained messages during the last training run. Again, no big deal, but it annoyes me :slight_smile: Both are auto-updating. Greg knows which ones they are :slight_smile: and if he forgot, V8* and N2*.


This is an automatic message to let you know that some messages were found
in your spam training folders.  
These messages have been used to train the spam bayes database, and have
been deleted.  

Trained Spam:  ( examined)
Trained Ham:   ( examined)

Here are the current overall statistics for your bayes database:

Bayes username: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Total Trained Spam: 4
Total Trained Ham:  237

I have the same bug in my global bayes count.