Hello all

I know that’s possible to create new themes but is it possible to translate *worx (words and images) ? If yes, is it possible to change on-the-fly (my clients (and i) can change between all languages installed) ?

another question:
How can i get the files to translate?

regards and congratulations for *worx

Language translation


Thanks for the complements. It is not yet possible to change language settings in InterWorx yet, although a language manager is in the making and will be out with the next InterWorx upgrade. In general, it will be only possible to translate words, but not images, although there is one theme that uses no images for the links, etc. So, with that theme, you will not have to worry about the images.

So far, we have an English and French translation. What language are you interested in? Would you like to translate InterWorx in a language other then English or French?



I’m interested in translate InterWorx to Portuguese. And i want to translate everything:
1 - words
2 - images (maybe creating another theme?)
3 - context help

Imagine you are a costumer… would you like to have some parts in english and others in french? of course not. :wink:

If you want my help to have another language in InterWorx just give me a call.


Languages and themes

Hey, Ximian,

Thanks for volunteering to translate InterWorx to Portuguese. If your Photoshop skills are good (or even if they are not), you are more than welcome to translate the images as well. You can create another theme for that purpose, yes. Check out:

for information on how to create your own custom theme. To translate the text, please use the attached language file. You will need to translate everything after the equal ("=") sign of every fragment or sentence from English into Portuguese in that file. For example,


would become


The text in the help pop-up boxes is contained in the language file as well. We would like to see InterWorx translated into Spanish and German as well. Let us know if you can do any of those or any other language for that matter.


en-us.txt (83.4 KB)

The text in the help pop-up boxes is contained in the language file as well.


We would like to see InterWorx translated into Spanish and German as well. Let us know if you can do any of those or any other language for that matter.

I don’t think so. I don’t speak spanish very well and i don’t know any word of german… :o

Just one more question:
how the system for changing languages work in SiteWorx? If a costumer wants to change to portuguese (pt) he needs to change the theme too? This solution seems ugly… maybe using diferent themes for diferent languages and change the theme automagically?


With themes that use graphics I would assume you’d have to (or at least it’d be the easiest).


The text only one could probably have a language option.

I am translating Interworx to the Spanish. When it finishes it I can send it to it. Greetings

The best solution (more simple for costumers) is to change the language and theme at same time in the language preferences.

When installing a theme the administrator selects the languages suported by the theme. Then, when a costumer selects a language he has only the portugueses themes to choose… and everything is changed:

My idea:
1- Admin installs ‘vanilla’ (which as english images) and associates ‘vanilla’ with ‘english’
2- Admin installs ‘cream’ and ‘ice’ (which as portuguese images) and associates ‘cream’ and ‘ice’ with ‘portuguese’
3- When the costumer changes ‘english’ to ‘portuguese’ (in the language preferences) the theme will automagically change to ‘cream’ or ‘ice’. It doesn’t make sense to use ‘vanilla’ anymore.

What do you think about this? This is just a idea… :slight_smile: This makes sense? It’s difficult to implement?.. ?


Themes, etc.


For now, as Tim suggested, you would need to create a separate theme for the specific language that you want (InterWorx-Portuguese, etc.). You as administrator can set this theme for all your customers (themes cannot be changed by SiteWorx users for now). You idea is good, and it is something that we will incorporate into InterWorx at some point, but it is low priority now. Note that the text-only theme in InterWorx (Cool Freshness) is an exception to what I said as virtually no images are used. Check it out.

I would also like to thank Lucas for translating InterWorx to Spanish. We appreciate it.

That’s ok… It’s a ‘work around’ but doesn’t solve the problem.

So… all my costumers must speak portuguese (or understand the portuguese images)? :wink:

Seems the best solution for now. Tks…


Another question… :wink:

How the (language) system works with modules (like webmail, fileman…)?
eg, If the customer is french, when he changes to fileman it loads the french version (of fileman) automagically?

sorry for my insistence in this topic but this is very important


Language, etc.


Fileman, webmail, etc. are separate programs from InterWorx, so you will unfortunately not see Fileman in French or any language other than English. We understand that this may be important to you, but there is not much we can do about that at the moment.