Trying to get Siteworx installed:

It errored out overnight and displayed the following message:

Installing Interworx-CP

…Unable to satisfy dependencies
Package Interworx needs php-iworx >= 4.3.9-6, this is not available.

Sure enough, all thats on is


What distro are you installing on jerricho?


WhiteBox 3.0

Give it a shot now.



You know linux hates me, right?


I had to move the machine and now it’s not talking to the net.

This has been a miriad of problems since I started.

First, WhiteBox doesn’t support the ICH6 sata controller in “enhanced” mode, so my 4 hd’s went to 2.

It also doesn’t talk to the onboard Intel EP100 Nic so I had to install another Nic.



Linux hates us all equally :). Linux and I have spats all the time and Linux’s brother “64-bit Linux” really hates me. Some of Linux’s friends (php 4.4.0 most recently) have made some cheap shots at me as well :(.

You’re not alone!


/me huggles Linux :wink: Just checking in. :smiley:

You weren’t huggling it yesterday when it was giving me that “Server refused to allocate pty” message. What a great message to get.

Does the latest distro of CentOS support the Intel ICH6 stuff? Specifically the i915 chipset?

This is just a temp server while we move everyone over from our main server and then this one goes away.

We’re running plesk on our Dell 1600s, which I’ll leave that Linux battle up to my Linux guru.

He’s out of town, or he’d be fighting this issue :wink:

I honestly don’t know jerricho and I didn’t see any pertinent posts in the centos forums at all.


I didn’t see anything either and the search yielded absolutely no results :frowning:

Well, I’ll put your mind at ease.

CentOS does support those things, I just got done downloading cd1 and burned it and loaded it up on the box and it works :smiley:

Yay for me!