Trying to set up a cron job

Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up a cron job to run a program. The PHP script is located at and I am just wondering how to set this up. The program creator says to try the following scripts:

  1. /usr/local/bin/php /home/atwozcen/public_html/post/post.php

  2. GET > /dev/null

  3. lynx -dump > /dev/null

  4. curl > /dev/null

  5. php public_html/post/post.php

  6. php -q /home/atwozcen/public_html/post/post.php

  7. cd /home/ atwozcen /public_html/post ; /usr/local/bin/php /home/ atwozcen /public_html/post/post.php

  8. php -f /home/www/index.php

  9. php -q /home/atwozcen/www/rsstoblog4/post.php

  10. POST > /dev/null

Which one will work? And What is meant by “Shell” and “Path”? Also, I think there is a problem with some of these scripts since they lead to /post/post.php. Shouldn’t they be /rsstoblog4/post.php since that is where the script is?


Ed Brancheau

Quickest and easiest solution on a linux box, I find would be to use:

wget > /dev/null

Thanks, I am going to try that right now. However, what do you know about the “Shell” and “Path”. I cannot figure out what those should be. Do I just go with the defaults or do I need to change them? Note that I am the administrator but I am trying to set up a cron job for one of my accounts.



The defaults for Shell and Path should be fine.

In my stupidity, I think that I might have changed them. Could you tell me what they are so that I can change them back?