Turn Quotas Off for iworx?

I’m using iworx to host my company sites and my personal sites. I have no need for quotas, don’t have it installed and I run iworx in a vps.

I get errors when attempting to add a site to siteworx and in the log it errors when it gets to the quota.

Can I just stop iworx from checking quotas?

I went ahead and turned the quotas on for the vps and setup the account but I’d still like to know if there is an option that we can select to not use quotas at all.

I’m not a webhost and all the sites are company and personal. Its a dedicated server, I just have it chunked out into seperate vps for management purposes.

There’s no option to turn off the disk quotas being used on the system level tlcoffee. Setting the disk quotas to unlimited will basically disable them for each account for all practical purposes but the quota subsystem will still be used nonetheless.