unable to restore plesk backup

In trying to import a plesk 7.5 backup for restoration into siteworx, I experienced a problem that whichever the backup archive was imported from local or remote directory path, siteworx said the backup was imported, and a resultant screen(see attached file) the import process was working. However, the account did not created so that the domain account data and a series of account-specific configuration settings didn’t setup to open a new siteworx account. Finally, I have to manually create all email boxes, database account and restore old email, web and database data.

Is it an known errata of the import function of plesk-typed backup? The Interworx which has been upgraded to current latest version, which is 2.0.3. The OS running interworx system is fedora core 2 with 2.6.10 smp kernel.

avforums-import.zip (76.8 KB)

Something is not correct here. You should not have to recreate all of the email and database tables by hand. Do you have a copy of the plesk backup file you were using to do the import? If so, we can take a look at it and try to figure out where the problem lies.


Looking at the screenshot, that is actually an error message, not a success message. The actual text does not indicate that it is an error, this is a bug on our part. However, the fact that it is showing up in red indicates it is an error message. Something failed during the import process.

Please open up a ticket here:

with information on how we can access your Plesk backup file so that we may debug the problem.