Unable to view Horde on a iPad

I have had a client inform me that they are unable to access Horde with their new iPAD. I know iPad isn’t able to display Flash, but there isn’t any flash on Horde.

Has anyone else had any experience with iPad and Horde. I am just advising them to set up the email manager that comes with iPad for mail.

Would be nice to hear from someone that has a iPad and has attempted to use Horde (or SquirrelMail, RoundCube).

It doesn’t work with RoundCube? I would have guess out of the 3 it would work with that one.

Justin, no idea, all they said was it wouldn’t work with Horde. Havent heard back if it would work with RoundCube, and since I do not nor anyone here currently has a iPad will have to wait to confirm that, unless some one else already has that answer.

Hey Roy -

Finally remembered to check this on my iPad at home! I was able to use both RoundCube and Horde with no problems on the interworx.com mail server. Might be them, might be something weird with the server.

If you want to open a support ticket, I can try to take the time some night to test specifically on your server. Otherwise, if you can get them to be a little more specific about how to reproduce the issue…


Support Ticket opened.