Unfiied Login

What I would like to see is a unified login for site users.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say I have a user who has an email and FTP access (or just one of ther other) then he or she can log into SiteWprx and have accees to edit ONLY those things (for example the password or email box/ftp login name). Byt NOT the ability to add more or remove reatures or edit anything else. If he or she has access to other things then he or she would have access to the similar to how the master SiteWorx user onlyhas access to features the NodeWorx user grants (e.g. CRON, cgi).

This doesn’t really fit here but since I’m on a roll I would also like to be able to grant certain SiteWorx accounts access to edi their own DNS settings. This would NOT be a default but something that could be added.

SiteWorx’s permission system is pretty fine grained as is. Your example would really only apply to FTP accounts as they are the only other service (besides emails) that have a secondary login. FTP is also the only service (so far) that users of the server can’t change the password on. E-mail box owners can change their pass through webmail.

I can’t really see adding FTP pass changing but we may consider it. As for CRON jobs there is no siteworx user associated with the job (on purpose). Since cron jobs are tied to unix usernames there can be no lower logical mapping than cron job -> siteworx account.

The DNS granting is again almost too “low level”. The SiteWorx level is the lowest and there are no “sub dns accounts” nor does it really make sense (at least to me) to have them.

The reseller level may solve these problems Tim as it will give the intermediate level I think you’re looking for.


Thanks Chris.

FYI I was referring to CRON as an example of something that NodeWorx does not always give SiteWorx, that’s all. No need for SW to have anythint to do withanything other than that.


FTP Master/Secondary

I noticed that ftp@bancroftrocks.com is listed as “Master”

I added admin@bancroftrocks.com as an ftp user. I wanted to make the admin ‘master’ but don’t see a place to do this?

I had added a password to the ftp@bancroftrocks.com and now I don’t seem to be able to upload to the site from ftp?

Any ideas what I’ve done wrong???:cool:

In this case “Master” just means it’s the login that’s created automatically, and has access to the entire siteworx user’s directory. It doesn’t have any other rights or privlages that you can’t add to another user. Just create your new user and give it access to your root siteworx user directory


as opposed to a directory inside of it


You can not delete or rename the default (master) user, nor can you edit it’s privlages. All you can do is change it’s password.