Unpingable DNS


My question is not specific about Interworx, but as most people here have similar configuration, I think maybe you can help me.

My DNS server addresses are ?unpingable?. They always were.

I through it was normal, a TinyDNS characteristic, as I?m not familiar with the program.

But I?m experiencing a lot of problems related to DNS. Some times it works, some times not. It stops working and come back by itself. Some times a domain works and others don?t, sometimes www.domainname.com doesn?t work but domainname.com works. It makes no sense.

Searching for the problem, and testing other TyniDNS users (you) sites, I noticed that Pascal and Tim DNS server addresses ARE pingable.

So, I can think that the behavior of my DNS (be unpingable ) is totally abnormal. Right?

Unless you explicitly block pings on IPs that are serving DNS then yes, this is unusual and most likely the problem Carlos. By default, iworx-cp does no icmp/ping blocking.


Thank you Chris.

Just now there is a tech working on the server, trying to find the problem.

I have a urgent site/domain migration to do. If I need to use a external DNS server, do I need to change some Nodeworx configuration?

Or just use the SiteWorx Account DNS Zone Management information to configure the external DNS?

If you need to use external DNS Node/Siteworx are 100% out of the picture and independant of any external DNS system so there’s no modifications to be done there.