Unusual amount of Bounced Spam!!

Hi folks,

Over the last few days every time I send/recieve I get a large number of bounced emails with typical spam subjects.

I’ve looked on the server for unusual processes or files in the temp locations but nothing looks out of place.

Can anyone recommend steps I can take to check the mail server isn’t being exploited by some idiot somewhere in the world?

Your box/domain is probably used as part of a faked mailheader… :frowning:

I see so the return path etc points to my server. :frowning:

The b*stards. :mad:

Darn, my sympathy to you :frowning:

:frowning: thanks…

So it looks like I’m gona get blacklisted and problems with email from now on. :(:(:frowning:

Time to change profession…

I’m gona add this http://old.openspf.org/dns.html?