Updates server only gives 15KB/sec!?

I’m installing Interworx on a new server, and it’s taking forever to download all the RPMs from the http://updates.interworx.com server. It’s downloading at about 15KB/second… I checked my connection, and it’s fine - nothing else is using it. I updated another box of mine and it downloaded 5.4MB of updates in less than 10 seconds, on the same connection.

Is there a faster mirror of the RPMs? Or is there a problem somewhere else - updates server saturated? bandwidth exceeded? routing/linking problems?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Fr3d,

No, we only have that one site. But, give it a shot now, see if it’s any better.


It actually went down about 10 minutes after I posted this topic, and when it came back up, it was fine. Perhaps it was a connection issue somewhere along the line…

Thanks :slight_smile: