Updates to Squirrelmail

Hello everyone,

Will there be an update to Squirrelmail pushed out soon on to the Iworx CP?

I’m asking because the current version is 1.4.4 and this does not only contain quite a few security flaws, it also lacks some of the functionality that the later versions have. (Such as the folders not updating as they should etc)

If you are able, please update it to 1.4.9, or what the latest version now might be (1.4.9a?)!

I know that there is a lot to do now over the holidays, but such an update would be a most appreciated xmas present - unless you plan to release 3.x on xmas eve!!! :smiley:

How about nutsmail skins (nutsmail.com) as part of iworx? May be charging extra for that…