upgrade phpMyAdmin

The version of phpMyAdmin that I’m running (I assume installed through iworx) is 2.6.2… there is a newer version, 2.8.1 which is running on my cPanel machine and i’m trying to move info from the newer version to the older version and having problems…

Also, is it possible to directly upgrade phpMyAdmin somehow, without breaking anything? Also, since cPanel takes care of updating all these little dependencies I wanted to know if Interworx does as well… and if so, how do I turn that feature on…


You should be able to upgrade yourself, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it. Why is it causing you problems? It’s just a front end for the command line mysql. Are you running the same mysql versions on both boxes? If not that could cause problems.

The new version of InterWorx coming out next month will update phpMyAdmin and other bundled utilities. Yes we normally update these things but they are part of the main interworx rpm’s and we don’t make point releases of InterWorx every time one of the bundled utilities releases an update unless it’s a major security issue like the Horde one in April.

The reason I’m trying to upgrade is because there is an Import option in the newer version that is missing from the currently installed version… so, I can’t export from a newer version of phpMyAdmin and import into the iworx bundled version… I’ll just do the database move from the commandline for now… looking forward to the update… I tried a manual upgrade of phpMyAdmin and don’t want to go down that path after receiving a bunch of error messages :slight_smile:

Thanks for a quick response.


That’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

As a side note you could always just install phpmyadmin in a folder or subdmain of one of your accounts and have a stand alone version between Interworx releases, this is what I do, that and so I dont have to bog my server down logging into siteworx and or nodworx every time I need at phpmyadmin.

Although there is a nice direct link to phpMyAdmin at:



I suppose, thinking about it, you could add in the /etc/httpd/conf.d/iworx.conf file a line to Alias something like <alldomains>/mysqladmin/ so you could in theory access phpMyAdmin by doing:


Just a thought.

The solution of installing a totally separate phpMyAdmin is ideal… doesn’t break Interworx and let’s me do what I need to do.

Thanks all.

Why doesn’t the phpMyAdmin installed by Interworx include the Import tab? This has nothing to do with the version they’re running. I’ve seen that feature on older versions of phpMyAdmin before. Have you purposely removed it due to some kind of security concern? It really does render the export/import from one server to another nearly useless. Forcing people to paste everything in the SQL box one piece at a time.

The Import tab from older versions was replaced by the SQL tab which allows you to paste Queries or browse your computer for .sql files and import them.

Update desired because of compatibility pull-down as well

I also have run into trouble upgrading it manually and will have to install in a sub-domain. There is a compatibility option in the import command of the newest (2.9.2) version that I like because I’ve upgraded to MySQL 5.

BTW: What happened to that planned upgrade? Interworx is still using 2.6.2?


BTW: What happened to that planned upgrade? Interworx is still using 2.6.2?[/quote]

We’ll bundle an up to date version pf phpMyAdami with InterWorx 3.0 but as I stated earlier in the thread since the add on modules are part of the main InterWorx RPM’s we can’t just update them at this poit without updating everything else as well. A future release may move them to a separate RPM to make this kind of thing easier. We’ll hae to see :slight_smile: