Upgrading MySQL to Version 5 on Interworx V4

Hello everyone, I recently upgraded to the V4.0 of the control panel and had a smooth upgrade. I was under the impression that while PHP was upgraded to version 5, MySQL would also be upgraded to version 5. Since that is not the case, I was wondering if anybody has attempted to upgrade to MySQL 5 with the V4 of the control panel. I did a forum search and found some instructions from V3 of the control panel, but naturally am hesitant to follow those considering those are from a full version number different from now. Right we’re running CentOS 4.8 x64 and was wondering if anybody has had any experience/tips/instructions on how to do it right without breaking everything. Thanks! Dan

Hi Dan! Unfortunately, there may have been a misunderstanding - while PHP was upgraded to 5.2.9, that was the separate version that InterWorx uses; not the one for client space. We would never push an upgrade like that, because client code would likely break. The InterWorx updates pull from the repositories that are provided by your distribution. Since you’re still running MySQL 4, I’d wager that you’re using CentOS 4 as well? To my knowledge, upgrading to 5 on CentOS 4 is a big pain in the rear. The “recommended” way to upgrade would be to find a yum repository that provides more up-to-date packages and add it. Google Jason Litka - he had been running such a repo, I’m not clear if he’s still updating it or not. Let us know if there’s more we can do! Tim

You might want to check out this guide. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to do the upgrade. Some of the RPM’s in that guide are out of date, so be aware of that.

I recently upgraded one of my CentOS 4 boxes to PHP 5 and MySQL 5 using this guide without too much trouble. I do however recommend that you upgrade the server to CentOS 5 if at all possible. You’ll be a much happier admin. :wink: