upgrading server machine

We currently have interworx installed on an older p3 machine and need to get the interworx and its sites off of it and onto another machine. Is there a way to do this without having to purchase another interworx license and also have a no downtime seamless move? If so, what are the best steps to take?

If your interworx license is leased month to month, you can purchase a new license, use both licenses as long for as long as you like to do the transfer, and once everything is migrated, cancel the old license.

If the interworx license is a “one time” license, we can provide you with a temporary license key to use during migration, and then you can switch the IP the one-time license is bound to, and activate it on the new server, then discarding the temporary license.

The mass-transfer functionality in NodeWorx automates the process of backing up, copying, and importing siteworx accounts from one server to another. The part of the migration that will determine the best way to proceed is usually how DNS is configured for the domains on the server, and if you’re planning on moving the sites to new IPs in the process or not.

Forum user “int” may have some tips,

He recently went through a server migration.



I have an owned license so option #2 temp license sounds great! How would I go about getting a temp license for the migration?


e-mail support@interworx.com with your current license key and we’ll get you set up.