URGENT!!! Password rejected on all email accounts on all sites

What the heck is going on?

My email program checks account every 15 minutes, suddenly I get 100+ popup prompts from Outlook XP saying password rejected.

Going to InterWorx, and somebody have added a second email account on my main site, which I CANNOT remove. When I click delete button, it reappears.

Furthermore I can’t edit email settings on any account on any site!?!

First of all I get runtime script error:

Line 32
Error: ‘elem’ is not null or not an object

And when I click no to debugging the error, there is this text in InterWorx:

“Changes NOT saved:
Error: Illegal username”

Could somebody please explain what is going on?

Yes I restarted, everything expect the whole machine!

Oh yeah can’t log on to ANY of my sites thought FTP either.

Only with SSH I can log on…

Please send your server login information, and the NodeWorx login information to support@interworx.info. Also include which siteworx account domain in question.


When trying to create an email account via SiteWorx, I get an error in line 33

Changes NOT saved:
? Error: no auth connection

Everything works fine again.

I assume Paul fixed it, and I hope he will explain what he did to fix it.