user_dir and phpBB


When a user try to install the phpBB forum by accessing to the install script with the user_dir shortcut (http://ip/~account) there is a blank page with no error both in apache log and siteworx account apache error log

http://ip/~account well redirect the user to http://ip/~account/install/install.php but the page is blank

I’m sure the account works well because if I create in the hosts file an entrie like domaine.tld (for window in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) and then acces to his website using his full domaine like http://domaine.tld, I’m well redirected to the install.php script of PhpBB and this last one works fine.

Do you have an idea why the page is blank ?

I have in httpd.conf

UserDir public_html

<Directory /home/*/public_html>
AllowOverride AuthConfig FileInfo Options Limit Indexes
Options FollowSymLinks

But in php.ini I have nothing for the user_dir directive (only user_dir = )
Do I have to also enter in php.ini something like

user_dir = /home/*/public_html

I have also to notice you that the user_dir works well for others “simple” php web site

Thanks by advance for your ideas


Well when I create an entrie in the php.ini like

user_dir = “/home/*/public_html”

It works better as there is some data that are shown but not all the text.

As I understand it, this problem happens because phpBB does redirects to the actual domain name that it is configured with. So if the actual domain name isn’t working yet, phpBB will fail at times, when it tries to redirect to the domain name.


That’s my understanding as well. I’ve run into this issue when moving the location of the forum as well as trying to access it when the domain wasn’t resolving for some reason. The only way I know around it would be to edit the entry inthe database wheere it shows the forum location to something like:


But that’s not the best idea seciruty wise.

The important thing is that some clients like to test before modifying there DNS
The only solution I found is to edit the hosts file.

in Windows

edit :

add domaine.tld

where xxx = IP and domaine.tld without www

On linux


add domaine.tld

where xxx = IP and domaine.tld without www

Then reboot the PC