Varnish + Interworx

Hi iworx team’s,

Is there any way to having Varnish Cash Server in front of apache working with Interworx CP ? Iworx configuration modification, etc …

Thank you in advance for your answer :slight_smile:

Did You Ever Get An Answer? Varnish + Interworx

I am also considering the use of the “Varnish” cache service in front of Apache for performance reasons . So setting Apache to work on port 81 while allowing Varnish to intercept all connections to port 80.

Gimly, did you ever get an answer to this question?

Has anyone else been able to implement the Varnish cache without any problems on a server running interworx?

Varnish isn’t included by default, but it’s definitely possible. The folks at Nexcess actually published a whitepaper about optimizing InterWorx clusters for Magento hosting, and they used Varnish as one of their tools. You can download the whitepaper here:


Thanks IWorx-Brett, this looks very useful. It certainly demonstrates the benefits of using Varnish to improve performance.

I hope to move to a new server soon and I will explore installing Varnish with Interworx before the server becomes mission critical.