Very basic and easy backup/cluster machine.

Ok, before anyone starts jumping down my throat, please read the FULL post.

Here is the idea:

  • Server A is now a sole server with many webpages and working live. Quite a powerful server (dual xeon,4GB memory).
  • Server B is a sole server to work as a backup server. Private IP. DOES NOT serve webpages and is not live. It’s a little server with not much cpu or memory (Celeron 2.5,512MB) It’s sole purpose is to backup server A.

The question is:

Could it be done so that nightly server A copied all the necessary files for Interworx to function on to server B?.
a) No need to be a full “live” backup. The info from the last few hours can be lost.
b) It would be ok to have the data from the last nightly backup.
c) In case of server A going down, server B should (after changing IPs and whatever needed) replace server A. This would be a temporary solution until server A could be back online.
d) Server B would have a proper independant licence for Interworx, obviously.

This is because we are thinking of using this method to fully backup the whole server and create a “temporary cluster” setup.

Thanks for reading right down to here!

Regards from Spain!


Yes, all that you mention could be done. You could rsync the files daily, including the key /etc files and you could mysqldump and import the MySQL DBs or mysqlhotcopy them (including the interworx-cp db). As long as you’re willing to do the manual fixups (IPs, etc) should server A go down this can work.


Ok, knowing this can be done, could you please let me know what would the specific files needed for this backup?

The short answer is “I’m not sure off the top of my head”… You’d at least need /etc/passwd, /etc/group and /etc/shadow but I’m sure the list will include more. You may want to just test out the setup and use a “see what breaks” type process until you get the full list right as we really don’t have such a list on file here.