VERY SLOW connections to siteworx for all clients from ONE ISP


here in France we have a very very strange situation indeed.

The is 3 majors ISP in France. One of them is called FREE and propose a FREEBOX it’s wi-fi box to allow wi-fi network at home to connect to internet (and Ip voice, TV on internet, …)

In France we also have some geographical zone where there is high speed internet access some others not.

ALL clients whom use the FREE ISP (in France it is maybe 30% of all customers connected to internet) in the zone with high speed connexions allowed encounter HUGE SLOW conneciton to siteworx. Only these FREE clients.

I have tried to connect to Nodeworx using a FREEBOX and it’s true that it is really really slow.

We have contacted the ISP and explained him this problem. He told us that they do not close any ports or route ports to diffents ports. He doen’t know why there is this problem and as we are not a lot to complain about this, he didn’t try so much to find the answer

So, what could cause these slow connections to siteworx ?

It is not server related as the pbm is all of our servers, and one time again it is only with clients whom use this ISP and their FREEBOX in a geaogrphical zone with high speed available.

Any idea ?


Could it be the datacenter is limiting that ISP’s clients, due to DDoS or abuse or something?

Hi fr3d

Well I don’t think. The datacenter is in USA and the ISP is French. Also as I told it is a main French ISP. But why not I’ll ask to the datacenter if it may be related.