Video Tutorials - Please Read

Hi everyone ? I have a suggestion/request but I don?t know if anyone would be interested in this? this post is more directed to staff members at this point.

I?m sure that most of the people posting here are either prospective or current InterWorx clients that use the control panel to manage their servers and possibly as the control panel for their web hosting clients. I think one of the things that make cpanel/plesk, etc. so appealing is the fact that there is just so much support material out there that hosts can purchase/use to reduce the number of support inquiries they receive. I know for me that just adding cpanel/whm video tutorials that I purchased from actually did significantly decrease those level 1 really basic support requests that can flood your helpdesk and occupy your staff?s time.

Because InterWorx still has a (relatively) small customer base compared to these other control panel giants, the likelihood of a company like DemoDemo creating support tutorials for SiteWorx is low? and to have them build you tutorials from scratch is quite expensive. Buuut, if enough people submit requests to have InterWorx tutorials developed, the DemoDemo team would probably do it, and then they?d be priced similarly to all the other demos they sell which would make them very accessible and affordable to everyone here that does use InterWorx.

I guess what I?m really saying is that I think the staff here should post something in the announcement section or something telling people to request InterWorx tutorials over at DemoDemo? to bug them about it until they do make them :). That is probably not going to happen ? but you can?t blame me for trying. I don?t want to spend $$$$$ to have them do it just for me, when if only a bunch of us all wanted them, it?d only cost in the $$ range.

If this is out of the question, feel free to just delete with post. Thanks for your time!


Thanks for the feedback. We’ve actually started our own flash video tutorials. They’re in need over a makeover, but we’ve posted the originals on the forum for reference until we get the chance to redo them. I’ll search for the forum post real quick and then link you to it.

there you go! there’s a couple posts down

Oh that’s wonderful. Are you guys going to be adding a complete set of video tutorials along with updated/completed documentation that we are allowed to directly link our customers to? That’d sure save me a whole lot of time, and money :).

Yes, we’re working on getting a good full set of docs up.