Viewing a SiteWorx Secondary domain before domain propagates

If I have a Primary site set up, say, as a SiteWorx account, I can view the site before the domain propagates by using the server name (or IP) and adding “/” then “~” then the first 8 characters of the domain (not including the “www” and the “.”)

So in my case here it would be

NOW I add a Secondary domain name. Say

Is there a way to “see” a secondary site as like the primary before the domain propagates?:confused:

What we usually do, and is just the way we have it (whereby every server is named and has a domain, for instance, one server is called eagle, and it’s domain it uses is so the main hostname is etc etc (sorry, off the point)) is we create a temporary Pointer Domain within the SiteWorx account, along the lines of (using your example) of:

Then it means that PHP scripts which use root paths etc aren’t affected etc and works instantly because it creates a new dns zone for which is picked up on the same DNS etc etc etc.

Hopefully this isn’t too complex to understand. Basically, easiest thing to do is create a Pointer Domain within the Secondary account SiteWorx of a domain already on the system. Job done :slight_smile: