VPS Issue with Bandwidth Graphs

Hello - I’m running v2.1.0 VPS and all graphs work in Nodeworx except the bandwidth graph, the reason for this being that it’s trying to check venet0:0 (the image doesn’t exist).

However! When I change the url to be:


it works fine.

I’ve been looking around configurations for about 30 minutes and can’t find where to change the default from venet0:0 to venet0.

Any assistance would be great, thanks!


venet0 should be auto-detected on VPS systems but apparently it’s not on your system. If it’s ok I’d like to see why that is and if you could open up a ticket with your login details that’d be great.

The ticket system is at: http://www.interworx.com/support/helpdesk/

Thanks and welcome to the forums!


np - ticket submitted.

It’s all set Alex.