VPS management


I’d like to know if interworx plan to manage VPS in nodeworx. (openVZ or Xen para-virtual, …)

If not, is there a way to change the nodeworx template and add some VPS control panel features (like FluidVM, SolusVM, proxmox, …)



Do you want to actually integrate those systems into the interface of nodeworx so that people can use the nodeworx/siteworx interface to control their VPs, by (presumably) talking to the API of the other systems?

yes it’d be great !

Today, if you do VPS service, and have nodeworx/siteworx you so have 2 differents panel management and your users too.

We plan to find a way to have only one panel for both.
Say we have a client with a VPS
–> He has Siteworx
–> He has A VPS panel (to reboot, restart, etc)
–> Sometimes he might have Nodeworx (depending the offer)

We have
–> Nodeworx
–> Admin VPS panel

So for us, we’d like to have in nodeworx the ability to manage our VPS, and for the client the ability to manage it’s VPS + Siteworx / Nodeworx

I know this probably isn’t quite answering your question (sorry :o) but have you considered integrating VPS management in with your billing application?

Our system (screenshot attached) allows a lot of management to be done from the billing system, for dedicateds, domains, vps, ssl’s etc. We’re plugging into the new InterWorx API extensively on the shared hosting, dedicateds etc (and VPSs running interworx) to give all sorts of control from the billing system.

It means that our customers have one place for all their ‘account management’ and they only login to node/siteworx IF they have an interworx based hosting account. If they had a VPS only, they wouldn’t have a siteworx login, therefore having anything in that system wouldn’t work.

As I say - I know it doesn’t really answer, but might give you another angle to look at it from?


You right… But we did integrate siteworx in our client panel. Which is a full client panel (billing, etc)

But it costs us a lot of money in dev/customisation/…

But yes you right, maybe we should look at a billing solution out there which could manage every other panels.

Is your a home made or a commercial one ?

There is a long time ago we looked at Ubersmith and WHMCS…