walldns configuration

I have to admit a certain unfamiliarity with tinydns, especially the modularity. Now, modularity is a good thing, but I need to be able to do reverse lookups from my box, and apparently, this is not possible without configuration of walldns. However, I’ve not been able to find any decent material on how to go about doing so. Any help from here would be appreciated.


You don’t need walldns, just create a PTR record and have your ISP delagate down authority for you to answer PTR queries for your IP block and it’ll work.


I was unclear above. I need to be able to run reverse queries from the server. However, for some completely unclear reason, it’s now working fine, which is really bizarre because all day yesterday, I would get the following error back:

in-addr.arpa not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Everything I found suggested that I needed to have walldns running locally to handle these.


If you have issues again Martin just let me know. Reverse queries (to and from) should work fine on a stock iworx box.