Wanting to start with 3 server cluster, add more...

I’ve perused the forums, asked some friends, etc, and am wanting to setup Interworx on a cluster in our data center for testing / production use with possible migration from our 700-site Cpanel install across 10 servers now.

Would this config be okay?

Master server:
Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz
Hardware RAID-5 SCSI array, 6 x 73 GB [with ability to add SCSI disks]
2,048 RAM

Secondary server(s) [this is where I’m fishing…]
PIII-1.2 GHz

Future server(s) [really stretching?]
Dual P-3 Xeons
20 GB HD
1,048 MB RAM

I ask because I see the beauty of Interworx, if I’m right, of being able to add less expensive servers to the cluster and grow its capacity load-wise in the future.

How difficult is it to add a server to the cluster in the future? Let’s say I get a server off lease and want to put it to work… can I add it quickly?

Am I totally off base with my assumptions of the beauty of the cluster? We currently use ONLY DUAL XEONs for hosting, and would love to put some of these dinosaurs to work, as we have the space for them and they could handle modest load.


Semi-related question… is it possible to have redundant “master” servers? I.E. two directors, with one for failover.

It is not yet under iworx

But I know that they work on it and it’ll be possible in a futur version (next one maybe)


As pascal said, we don’t support redundant masters (or clustered nodes for that matter).

Regarding the setup, that would be fine. Adding nodes later is straightforward via the iworx-cp interface, the only thing to keep in mind is that adding a node can take a while as the node syncs up all the meta-data with the cluster manager.


I know that, as your site says, the terms can be very confusing… when you say you don’t support clustered nodes, what exactly does that mean? Regards,

What I meant was “we don’t support redundant masters or redundatn clustered nodes”. We do obviously support clustered nodes themselves :).


Sorry if I’m sounding crazy! :wink:

I am really excited about this product and am purchasing a master server now that will be as good as a redundant server – I’m looking at an 8x Xeon with 3x Power supplies.

That said, Thanks for your help and an innovative product… I think it’s going to go places.